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There are plenty of car brands out there in the low to mid tier price bracket that are vying for your hard earned money. At a time where reliability, cost, and reputation are so important, it’s essential that when you’re buying your next new car, you’re looking for something that gives you the maximum performance as well as cost efficiency.

We think that one brand that strives to deliver that with every model it brings to market is Peugeot. So, in this article, we’re going to break down some of the European manufacturer’s best selling points, so that when you do go looking for your next car, Peugeot’s on the top of your list.

Buying a new car is a big investment, for most people the second-biggest chunk of money they’ll hand over for something, after the family home.

Some manufacturers take your money, sign you up for a service plan, but offer little else in the way of ownership benefits. Others do offer limited ownership programs that can incorporate track days, or special events, or perhaps a discount on merchandise. Lotus is particularly good when it comes to track days.

Having a car nowadays is more than a necessity because it has moved its value from status symbol to the need of time. Buying a car is not an easy job, it takes lot of times and attention because you never know when the dealer tricked you by selling a bogus and infamous model of a car which not even matches your needs. So it is necessary that you know all your requirements for a car and also have the knowledge of the latest models available in the market which are also matching your requirements. So there must be a step to step procedure for buying a car so that the chances of error should be minimized. Here in this article I am going to discuss some of the tips which if followed can help you get what you actually require.

Making vehicles vegan (those who avoid animal products altogether) friendly is a new marketing strategy employed by car manufacturers, as seen in advertising for the Toyota Prius and upcoming Ford Escape Hybrid. Toyota does not offer leather seats in the Prius since that option would offend some customers, and a recent ad campaign for the Escape bragged that 11 members of its design team are vegetarians, and the team leader is a vegan.