Car Review


There’s no denying that Range Rover is an iconic marque seen on many roads across the globe. It has a long and rich history, and it’s even a firm favourite with footballers! These days, the Range Rover line-up has undergone something of a transformation.

Gone are the boxy models aimed at older motorists. Parent company Land Rover are in the midst of a brand refresh. They want to make Range Rover cars more attractive to younger generations. And, of course, they want to sell more vehicles too!

Are headphones and compact city cars a marketing match made in heaven, or is Volkswagen pushing its luck with the Polo Beats?

1) Drives well, just like a regular Polo
2) Active Info Display is great
3) Stands out a bit more thanks to stripes
1) Styling add-ons won’t be to all tastes
2) DSG niggles persist
3) Cabin build isn’t quite where we’d like

The Honda Civic hatch has always been a favourite in this country, but now SUVs are Honda’s go-to. Still, the revised Civic offers a credible, value-packed alternative.

1) Steering and chassis are exceptional on any road surface
2) Interior design and storage space are the envy of the class
3) Changes to the revised model add to the equation
1) Engine and gearbox don’t match the promise and quality of the chassis
2) Safety tech that is standard higher up in the range should be standard here
3) No rear air vents a minor issue

Kia’s smallest and cheapest car gets improved for 2021. We drive the GT-Line specification to see if it’s still the pick of the minnows.

1) Generous infotainment technology across the range
2) Well-sorted ride, comfortable but also playful
3) Decent performance from the 1.2-litre engine
1) Not the safest small car on the road
2) Digital radio and LED headlights wouldn’t hurt in GT-Line specification
3) Automatic gearbox could use an extra ratio on the highway

The Mazda 2 has benefited from a mild facelift and a dollop of extra equipment. But it’s come at a cost.

1) Plenty of standard equipment
2) Perky enough in city environs
3) Well-resolved cabin
1) Expensive for the segment
2) Highway cruising reveals shortcomings
3) Glitchy MZD connectivity