There’s no denying that one can go out and buy a supermini with ease these days. Why? Because there are scores of different models on the market! One car, in particular, that seems the most popular with buyers is the Fiat 500.

The model first got unveiled back in 1957, believe it or not. These days, you are seldom likely to see examples of those cars except in a museum! What you will see is the newer model that first went on sale back in 2007. Almost a decade later, the “new” Fiat 500 has proven to be a hit with motorists across the globe.

It has taken on the likes of MINI and become just as iconic a brand. Millions of Fiat 500 cars got sold since the new model’s inception. What is it about that car that makes people fall in love with it?

It oozes character and appeal

Unless you have a visual impairment, you will notice one obvious fact about the Fiat 500. It boasts character and has plenty of visual appeal! It’s no secret that the Italian car maker designed the Fiat 500 as a fashionable vehicle. The model no doubt appeals to younger generations; but, it attracts people from all walks of life.

Other car makers have tried to ride on the success of the Fiat 500. The thing is: they fail to mimic the charm and allure that the Italian supermini offers.

It builds on the classic Fiat 500’s design

Another obvious fact about this bambino is how the design builds on the classic model’s style. The two models look almost identical in many ways! But, as you can imagine, the latest Fiat 500 comes with a modern twist.

Fiat has proven that a winning formula can often work by just improving an existing design. It can often be a tense time building a new model from scratch. But, as even MINI has found out, using existing frameworks can lead to future success.

Many people loved the classic Fiat 500 models when they first got launched. It’s no surprise that they love the current ones for many of the same reasons.

It’s available in a range of different formats

When the “new” Fiat 500 first launched, it came out as a three-door hatchback. Today, it’s possible to buy models in different formats from the Thames Motor Group. For instance, the Fiat 500C is a soft top convertible. And then there’s the Fiat 500X, a larger crossover SUV.

Fiat 500X

Families can also enjoy the Fiat 500L and MPW models as they are larger and have five doors. In fact, it’s safe to say there is a Fiat 500 for almost any particular need.

Even petrolheads can enjoy high-performance motoring in a compact form. That’s thanks to the Abarth models, created by Fiat’s performance cars division.

You can buy one in many countries

The Fiat 500 is a supermini that is also available outside of its native Italy, believe it or not. One can buy a new or used model in more than 100 countries these days. You’ll see them in places like the UK, United States and even China!

Fiat builds the 500 in both Europe and North America. That gives it the opportunity to sell the model in a plethora of global markets. So, if you emigrate some day, it’s likely you can still enjoy the fun and thrill of driving a Fiat 500.

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